As things become more chaotic and rumours fly back and forth, we need facts to allow us to act, often these facts come from those on the ground, first hand information is the best information.

This video is from … Read more.

A different path

There are signs everywhere of a massive unsupported migration, open ground is scarred by forgotten fires from groups passing time, shielding themselves from the cold. Things are strangely quiet, buses arrive slowly and infrequently, people are waiting, news of arrivals … Read more.

A slight delay.

We have some bad news, Thanks to bureaucratic papers, we can not leave until Friday morning. But we don’t stop!!! During the mean time we will prepare our selves better, Aid Delivery Mission is full energy to go!… Read more.

The Mission In the News

From Het Parool: “Volunteers from Food 4 Refugees share free food out on the Spui from their mobile kitchen. This kitchen departs Sunday for the Greek-Macedonian border to cook for a large group of refugees stranded there.”

Saturdays action was … Read more.