1000 x Thanks
, 1000 x Dank

1000 x Dank
Dankzij jullie steun hebben we meer dan een half miljoen maaltijden kunnen uitdelen…

Dank ook aan alle vrijwilligers die, door weer en wind, op onmogelijke uren en in moeilijke omstandigheden al deze maaltijden hebben bereid en uitgedeeld.… Read more.

We are volunteers



I am an independent volunteer,
I don’t get paid and I cook for the people.

Since we arrived here, 3 months ago, we have cooked more than 500.000 hot meals, we have distributed thousands of tents, sleeping bags … Read more.


Haven’t we all thought building walls was wrong?
Haven’t we all criticized other countries, denying basic human rights, for being uncivilized, undemocratic and intolerant?
Haven’t we once already said, “The boat is full?”
And wasn’t our reply: “never again
Read more.

Think about us



“Think about us, this is the message to you, just think about us.”

Thousands of people are still waiting in Northern Greece painfully aware that the European border will not open. Over 1200 people are stuck in the … Read more.

Cooking for 7000

jongetje etenIdomeni border camp is over capacity, the space between camps A & B is filling with tents, the road leading into camp is also filling with tents and groups. The main camp is filled, there are tents and people everywhere, … Read more.

100.000 meals & The Clowns

Yesterday we distributed our 100.000th meal.

We could not have done that without your donations.
1000 thanks.

the AidDeliveryMission.org team


We hebben gisteren onze 100.000ste maaltijd uitgedeeld.

Zonder jouw donatie hadden we dat niet kunnen doen.
1000 dank.

het … Read more.



As things become more chaotic and rumours fly back and forth, we need facts to allow us to act, often these facts come from those on the ground, first hand information is the best information.

This video is from … Read more.

A different path

There are signs everywhere of a massive unsupported migration, open ground is scarred by forgotten fires from groups passing time, shielding themselves from the cold. Things are strangely quiet, buses arrive slowly and infrequently, people are waiting, news of arrivals … Read more.

Open up the borders!

handing out foodWe’ve been around Idomeni for one and a half week now, and we’ve been super busy! The situation changes every couple of hours. We work together with different groups and individuals who do diverse things, from giving clothes  and blankets … Read more.

Korte berichten



kaart Idomeni



21 januari

AId Delivery Mission….Arrived in Idomeni, situation constantly changing,briefings and meetings now….. will update when we can…msg recieved 22/30hrs


Aangekomen in Idomeni, de situatie verandert constant, briefings en vergeaderingen nu.. Zullen updaten wanneer … Read more.

A slight delay.

We have some bad news, Thanks to bureaucratic papers, we can not leave until Friday morning. But we don’t stop!!! During the mean time we will prepare our selves better, Aid Delivery Mission is full energy to go!… Read more.

The Mission In the News

From Het Parool: “Volunteers from Food 4 Refugees share free food out on the Spui from their mobile kitchen. This kitchen departs Sunday for the Greek-Macedonian border to cook for a large group of refugees stranded there.”

Saturdays action was … Read more.