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We are an organization based on voluntary work depending people’s help and material donations.


Important Update!!!

At the first place: Thank you all, all those people that helped and want to help,

we can’t do it without you…

At the moment we don’t have place in the house. We already have about 70 volunteers and we get a lot of requests from people who want to join us. We’d love to invite everyone, but at the moment we can not provide in enough space; we live and work in a 3 bedroom house. Beside that it is not possible to pass our techniques and knowledge to too many people at the same time.

It would be great is you can join but only:
– If you can stay for at least 3 weeks  or longer
– if you can take some responsibilities, like cooking, distribution, media, website updates, finances, construction, translating, (asylum) information, etc.

You’d be in for that?
We’ll make it work somehow, but please don’t expect luxury or privacy.

If you would like to join our mission please email us .
Als je ons wilt komen helpen, mail ons .


Join us

Thinking about coming over and joining the mission?

We can use help, and we’re especially looking for people…

  • who speak English. People with other language skills like Arabic, Farsi, Greek, Spanish or French are also very welcome.
  • who are up for working under harsh, constantly changing conditions and who know there limitations.
  • who have experience with cooking for large groups or have other useful skills.

Please contact us before you come, so we can make a schedule when people are needed and also because we can’t be sure that we have enough sleeping places.

Contact us at