Cooking for 7000

jongetje etenIdomeni border camp is over capacity, the space between camps A & B is filling with tents, the road leading into camp is also filling with tents and groups. The main camp is filled, there are tents and people everywhere, the covered entry line has been transformed into makeshift shelters, the railway line is scattered with shelters, people lay everywhere under blankets. NGO’s are out of blankets and tents. Tonight Syrian and Afghani groups clashed, leading to a stream of buses arriving empty to remove Afghanis from the Idomeni camp to the Ecko gas station in Polycastro. A few reporters interview frustrated Afghanis being pushed onto buses. The border is closed to everyone. People continue to arrive by foot to a camp with no way of supporting or sheltering them. All NGO’s are stretched and the flow of arrivals continues. Hope still remains within the Syrian and Iraqi groups, but from conversations it is clear that the new closure is not known within the camp itself.

ADM kitchen will feed the camps over the next 3 days, thats upwards of 7000 meals.