It rains and it is cold, people are getting ill !!!

It’s raining, it’s normal, but here it means something far worse, in the heart of camp, under temporary shelter the rains mean cold, it means wet clothes and no way of drying out, for families and children the rains that keep most of us inside are a real danger.

These days of darkness and rain are contrasted of course by sunsets and warmth, the days when camp resembles a music festival, when volunteers jump around with children, when families rest outside, these are the days when camp is easier, but beneath this sunny facade the same truth exists, the grinding reality of a people with no way home and no way forward.

The moments of fun are important, if they offer escape it’s valuable, if it brings a smile then it means something, this video is to show the times when people can escape, at least for a moment.

Today the border closed, taking with it any hope people have to enter Macedonia, now there really is no way forward, in this situation food is important, but equally so is any shred of hope that can be offered.

AID DELIVERY MISSION // De-fence the People

Geplaatst door Aid Delivery Mission op woensdag 9 maart 2016