It is very hard not to get very angry



no border 2 no border


A personal opinion, not politics.

In a sense, there’s many sides to what’s happening, for many it’s complicated, for the media it’s often too simple and for those on the ground it’s hard to say, but what’s true is that that there’s a big fence with two sides. One side empty and the other full, one is becoming a living, breathing misery, whilst the other remains deserted and militarised, but in fact there’s no difference between the two, they’re both under the same sky, have the same weather and even the same people.

Maybe the biggest contrast is ideas, one side speaks about family, about safety, talks about life, and for good or bad is unified, the other appears cold, it stands back in isolation, segregated and alone it fears change.

So I ask myself, what’s this fence for? The media will portray a generic ‘refugee’ image, an image of desperate humanity pushed together and abused, that a consuming public can easily fear, enforcing the need for a fence; the fact that these are people as different and the same as you and I seems lost, along with their basic human rights.

We cook for 8000 people, because we stand together, but as this ‘refugee’ machine grinds along it’s easy to feel helpless. Thousands of people in Idomeni are completely degraded everyday, something is wrong.