100.000 meals & The Clowns

Yesterday we distributed our 100.000th meal.

We could not have done that without your donations.
1000 thanks.

the AidDeliveryMission.org team


We hebben gisteren onze 100.000ste maaltijd uitgedeeld.

Zonder jouw donatie hadden we dat niet kunnen doen.
1000 dank.

het AidDeliveryMission.org team

clown 1


There is too much bad, too much that paints the world in a light that feels hopeless, I see how easy it is to blindly crush basic human rights under the wheels of politics, or how effective an armed policeman is against the hungry and defenceless. All of these things are here, visible everyday in the chaos, right next to tents filled with families and children lost in a sea of strangers.

We are here, as a collective trying our best to feed, clothe and support as many people as possible, and to do it in a way that isn’t charity, isn’t a faceless gesture, but is instead a real action that shows our belief that the situation here is wrong, that we stand alongside each and every person in a belief that the world shouldn’t be this way.

So when the good things happen it’s important to show, the last few days have been filled with chaos, drama, and frustration, but also clowns, smiles, new friends and the representation of a drive to make a real change.
clown 3