Servië tot ziens!

Dankt aan iedereen die ons de laatste maanden gesteund heeft! Door jullie hebben wij meer dan 15.000 maaltijden uit kunnen delen. We hebben een andere keukengroep gevonden die het van ons over heeft genomen en hebben met pijn in ons … Read more.

It’s the little things that make a big difference.

A very open and touching interview with Alaa. He tells us why he fled his country, the difficulties he faced on his way to Holland and what helped him pull through.

It’s the little things that make a big difference.

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13.000 meals served!

Keeping hopes high, the spirits up, and our meals delicious!
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Today we had a lovely distribution in Šid again.

Besides hot food, we had the first tea time together with everyone. Despite the circumstances the whole occasion seemed to lift the spirit.
It almost felt like a party…!
Both volunteers and refugees wore pink shirts which were distributed. It … Read more.

Day 3 Of Cooking In Šid

The last three days we served around 300 meals a day in Šid, a small city near the Croatian border.
The atmosphere here is great and people from in and outside the camp are happy we came to feed their … Read more.

Aid Delivery Mission going in action in Šid!

Aid Delivery Mission going in action in Šid!

The situation in Šid is that the refugee numbers are constantly increasing because the Croatian border seems to provide more opportunity to cross.
It is still very unlikely they all manage with … Read more.

Aid Delivery Mission Serbia

Hope you enjoy our latest video. More to come!

“Thanks to jungle by night for their music”… Read more.

Aid delivery mission kookt!

We hebben een plek gevonden en onze keuken opgebouwd, en sinds vijf dagen delen we warme maaltijden uit aan vluchtelingen die vast zitten aan de Servische kant van de grens naar Hongarije.

We zijn vlakbij Subotica, in dit gebied zijn … Read more.

We zijn op de ranch gearriveerd!

We zijn gister middag aangekomen op onze (tijdelijke) bestemming aan de rand van Novi Sad.

Vandaag zijn een paar mensen aan het scouten om te kijken hoe bereikbaar de locatie is en te praten met mensen daar om te zien … Read more.

We zijn onderweg!

Na een goeie maand van voorbereiding zijn we eindelijk onderweg naar Servië. We hebben dag en nacht gewerkt om alles af te krijgen.  Zondag nacht konden we eindelijk vertrekken. Gisteren hadden we een dure tegenslag toen er een band klapte Read more.


Bijna een miljoen maaltijden uigedeeld…. Jullie hebben het allemaal mogelijk gemaakt door alle hulp en donaties! Een miljoen keer bedankt!!!!

Helaas is er nog steeds meer hulp nodig…

Daarom zijn we onze volgende missie aan het voorbereiden. Nog steeds zitten … Read more.



Grassroots activists tackle food waste and the refugee crisis
by Andrew George on 10 November, 2016 in Food Movement

What does food waste and the refugee crisis have in common? Both are massive issues, indicative of our time. They … Read more.

1000 x Dank

1000 x Dank
Dankzij jullie steun hebben we meer dan een half miljoen maaltijden kunnen uitdelen…

Dank ook aan alle vrijwilligers die, door weer en wind, op onmogelijke uren en in moeilijke omstandigheden al deze maaltijden hebben bereid en uitgedeeld.… Read more.

Should we stop fighting?


This is the question that we ask our selves everyday. But how to stop if there is still people who depends of our support, if there is still people who can not get more than 2 … Read more.

We are volunteers



I am an independent volunteer,
I don’t get paid and I cook for the people.

Since we arrived here, 3 months ago, we have cooked more than 500.000 hot meals, we have distributed thousands of tents, sleeping bags and blankets, … Read more.


Haven’t we all thought building walls was wrong?
Haven’t we all criticized other countries, denying basic human rights, for being uncivilized, undemocratic and intolerant?
Haven’t we once already said, “The boat is full?”
And wasn’t our reply: “never again
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Think about us



“Think about us, this is the message to you, just think about us.”

Thousands of people are still waiting in Northern Greece painfully aware that the European border will not open. Over 1200 people are stuck in the Eko gas … Read more.


We, the independent volunteers of the Shorba Crew and other groups in Idomeni have not been starting protests in the camps and strongly resent accusations by the media that we are ‘fake volunteers’. Since January, The Shorba Crew have cooked … Read more.

Violent Consequences of EU Policies in Idomeni Camp


Once again Aid Delivery Mission is on the ground dealing with the violence unleashed on the people in Idomeni camp.



As of noon Saturday, we became aware flyers from an unknown source were being circulated. They were calling for a … Read more.

The solution of the EU, is it working?



Still no solution:
People’s lives have literally been put on hold.

Told to wait without promise of anything and almost no information.
This is inhuman and degrading treatment!
Asked to move to other camps – yet without transparency, … Read more.

How much can people adapt?

It wasn’t long ago that I was impressed by the human capacity to adapt, to exist within the grip of true horror and still smile, building homes up from the cold mud. Even the rains that drowned Idomeni’s tent city … Read more.

It rains and it is cold, people are getting ill !!!

It’s raining, it’s normal, but here it means something far worse, in the heart of camp, under temporary shelter the rains mean cold, it means wet clothes and no way of drying out, for families and children the rains that … Read more.

It is very hard not to get very angry



no border 2 no border


A personal opinion, not politics.

In a sense, there’s many sides to what’s happening, for many it’s complicated, for the media it’s often too simple and for those on the ground it’s hard to say, but what’s … Read more.

Cooking for 7000

jongetje etenIdomeni border camp is over capacity, the space between camps A & B is filling with tents, the road leading into camp is also filling with tents and groups. The main camp is filled, there are tents and people everywhere, … Read more.

100.000 meals & The Clowns

Yesterday we distributed our 100.000th meal.

We could not have done that without your donations.
1000 thanks.

the team


We hebben gisteren onze 100.000ste maaltijd uitgedeeld.

Zonder jouw donatie hadden we dat niet kunnen doen.
1000 dank.

het … Read more.


Gestrand in Griekse grensplaats: in ieder geval geen bommen hier

1200 liter soep hebben ze gekookt, de vrijwilligers van het Amsterdamse Aid Delivery Mission. Ze zijn naar de Griekse grens met Macedonië gereisd om de vele vluchtelingen hier te

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As the situation in the Balkans changes and new camps open, ADM is spread far and wide, not only cooking but delivering water and supplies to those in need.… Read more.



As things become more chaotic and rumours fly back and forth, we need facts to allow us to act, often these facts come from those on the ground, first hand information is the best information.

This video is from … Read more.


23.2 8:15 Afgans are now removed with force from the traintracks and the border entrance. Police uses violance against the refugees. Volunteers and NGOs can only acces the camp with permission of the police. Many volunteers are refused to enter … Read more.

Different Beliefs

voetbalIt’s pretty interesting really, how these events unfold and how at odds to life at home they seem, how different my actions and thoughts are now to even a few days ago. Back home the general belief in my community … Read more.

A different path

There are signs everywhere of a massive unsupported migration, open ground is scarred by forgotten fires from groups passing time, shielding themselves from the cold. Things are strangely quiet, buses arrive slowly and infrequently, people are waiting, news of arrivals … Read more.


Feeding the 5000!

Imagine throwing a dinner party for 5000 people. Actually, just thinking about it is sending me into free fall, as I have trouble cooking for anything more than 2 – or 3 at a push!


Somewhere along … Read more.

No such thing as sufficient information.

Dealing with insecurity- a first week in Idomeni

Should I stay or should I go: Already before leaving to Greece one thing was clear: There is no such thing as sufficient information. Leaving for Idomeni, there was a peak number Read more.

Don’t fence me in

This video is dedicated to all the courages refugees fighting for survival, peace and hope for a better future. // Aid Delivery Mission – DON’T FENCE ME IN // Thank u to The Bucket Boyz for such wonderful song.

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How may kilos for a 2.500 person curry


Today we have made Indian Massala Curry for 2500 people in the gas station.

How many KILOS of FOOD do you think we have used?… Read more.

Another Sunday in Idomeni

7 februar 2016


These people are victims of war, survivors who should be welcomed with open arms. Instead they are stranded hungry and freezing in subzero temperatures on the edge of the Greek Macedonian border. The EU wants to deny … Read more.

Thousands of new arrivals / Duizenden komen aan

Update 2 Februar 2016

In de rij voor het eten

In t nederlands

As the ferry strike between Athens and the Greek islands ended last Monday, thousands of refugees that had been stuck on the islands for days took their chances and started their journey up … Read more.

Politie doet steeds moeilijker / Police is getting more difficult

“Vanochtend wakker geworden met 20 mannen om ons heen met bivak en mitrailleur. De buurt is in officiële staat van militaire controle gebracht. Het wordt hier gezellig”

7.30     Politie inval in het huis, wij de tuin in. Het huis wordt … Read more.

Open up the borders!

handing out foodWe’ve been around Idomeni for one and a half week now, and we’ve been super busy! The situation changes every couple of hours. We work together with different groups and individuals who do diverse things, from giving clothes  and blankets … Read more.


Extra controle aan grens EU, Aid Delivery Mission feeds people

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Even 3000 plates is not enough

Small update and new video: We’re still around Idomeni and have been busy cooking for many refugees arriving here to cross the border. As the border is being closed and opened for all refugees (seemingly randomly), many refugees get stuck … Read more.


 Europa’s ijzige nieuwe buitengrens 

De Grieks-Macedonische grens werkt als migrantenfilter. Brussel wil deze buitengrens versterken.

Rij migranten bij een controlepost van de Griekse politie aan de grens met Macedonië. Deze fungeert als een filter
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Eten uitdelen gestart – RTL Nieuwsbericht

Extra controle aan grens EU, Aid Delivery Mission feeds people


RTL nieuws


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Korte berichten



kaart Idomeni



21 januari

AId Delivery Mission….Arrived in Idomeni, situation constantly changing,briefings and meetings now….. will update when we can…msg recieved 22/30hrs


Aangekomen in Idomeni, de situatie verandert constant, briefings en vergeaderingen nu.. Zullen updaten wanneer … Read more.

On The Road

With the vans ready we have hit the road and are on our way.

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A slight delay.

We have some bad news, Thanks to bureaucratic papers, we can not leave until Friday morning. But we don’t stop!!! During the mean time we will prepare our selves better, Aid Delivery Mission is full energy to go!… Read more.

The Mission In the News

From Het Parool: “Volunteers from Food 4 Refugees share free food out on the Spui from their mobile kitchen. This kitchen departs Sunday for the Greek-Macedonian border to cook for a large group of refugees stranded there.”

Saturdays action was … Read more.

Spui Action, Amsterdam

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 Greek Police raid the house of a group of international refugee-supporters



01- 02-2016: Pressure on Greece from the European Union to tighten controls on refugee support is directly implemented

The morning of the 1st February 2016, Greek police … Read more.