1000 x Thanks
, 1000 x Dank

1000 x Dank
Dankzij jullie steun hebben we meer dan een half miljoen maaltijden kunnen uitdelen…

Dank ook aan alle vrijwilligers die, door weer en wind, op onmogelijke uren en in moeilijke omstandigheden al deze maaltijden hebben bereid en uitgedeeld.

De Aid Delivery Mission van Stichting Feniks, oorspronkelijk gepland voor 3 maanden, heeft dankzij jullie hulp meer dan een half jaar geduurd.
In deze 6 maanden hebben vele vrijwilligers ruim 500.000 maaltijden verstrekt aan de vluchtelingen in en rond Idomeni bij de Grieks- Macedonische grens.

De eerste maanden bestond onze steun voornamelijk uit het uitdelen van warme maaltijden, vanaf april hebben we daarnaast ook voedselpakketten in combinatie met zelfgemaakte Rocket stove’s uitgedeeld.
Hier hebben we voor gekozen omdat mensen door een klein stukje zelfvoorziening terug te krijgen, ook een stukje zelfrespect terugkrijgen.

De onofficiële kampen rond Idomeni zijn ontruimd en de vluchtelingen zijn onder andere overgebracht naar militaire kampen.
De ADM is teruggekeerd naar haar thuishaven en zich aan het bezinnen op een volgend project. Wij zijn geen ‘officiële hulporganisatie’ maar op het moment dat de situatie er weer om vraagt staan wij klaar met onze potten en pannen, roerstaven en hakmessen.

Zonder jullie hulp kunnen we een volgend project niet draaien, dus we houden jullie op de hoogte.

Bedankt !!!

1000 x Thanks

Thanks to your support we have distributed more than half a million meals …

Thanks also to all the volunteers who, through rain and sun, at impossible hours and under difficult circumstances, prepared and distributed all these meals.

The Aid Delivery Mission of the Feniks Foundation, originally scheduled for three months, has lasted for more than half a year, thanks to your help.

In these six months, volunteers have provided more than 500,000 meals to the refugees in and around Idomeni at the Greek Macedonian border.

The first months our support mainly existed out of distributing hot meals, since April 2016 we also provided food in the form of food packages with homemade rocket stove’s to some groups.

We have chosen for this because people by getting back a small piece of self-sufficiency, also recover a little self-respect.

The unofficial camps around Idomeni are now cleared and most of the refugees are transferred to military camps.

The ADM has returned to its home port and is preparing for and thinking about the next project.
We are not an “official charity” but at the moment it will necessary again, we will be ready with our pots and pans, stir bars and vegetable cleavers.

Without your help we can not run any next project, so we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks !!!

Should we stop fighting?


This is the question that we ask our selves everyday. But how to stop if there is still people who depends of our support, if there is still people who can not get more than 2 meals por day, if there is still people who has not access to tap water. THERE IS STILL A LOT OF WORK TO DO, but we need people who wants to FIGHT WITH US to make it possible. Aid Delivery Mission is “Us” and “you”. Because we will never be able to do it without the support of everybody.
Fight with us! https://www.facebook.com/aiddeliverymission/

هكذا نحن نقاتل
“حلب تحترق”
نحن قررنا ان ناخذ اسلحتنا ونقاتل جنبا الى جنب
نحن نعتقد ان تغيير العالم يعتمد على الافعال الفرديه
وخاصتا اذا هؤلاء الافراد أتوا مع بعضهم البعض الى المكان ذاته
احيانا نسأل انفسنا ما هو الذي سوف نفعله ليكون مفيدا
طعامنا لا يوقف الحرب
لكنه دعم لأولئك الذين هربوا منه
لماذا يجب علينا ان نوقف القتال؟
يوجد اكثر من 50.000 شخص عالقون في اليونان
كل تصرف فردي هو مهم
“حاربوا معنا”

We are volunteers



I am an independent volunteer,
I don’t get paid and I cook for the people.

Since we arrived here, 3 months ago, we have cooked more than 500.000 hot meals, we have distributed thousands of tents, sleeping bags and blankets, masses of dry food and vital information. We have been the emotional support and the humanity of Idomeni. All of this is thanks to the people who believe in us, supporting us with donations, and the people who know that the governments and the NGOs are not doing what they should.

I’m an independent volunteer, since my arrival in Idomeni, I’ve been taken by police force twice just because I witnessed them trying to take violent action. I have testified against the media accusing us of responsibility for putting the lives of refugees in danger. I’ve appeared on different media channels, accused of being a trouble maker and provocateur of protest. Our cars with soup have been stopped by the police more than 30 times. I’ve been woken from my bed by 20 police raiding our home at gunpoint, inspecting me and my friends one by one. I’ve been treated like an offender since the first time I arrived here.

I am here because I believe that people should help each other in the bad situations and I don’t agree how our politicians are dealing with this situation. I am just one of the thousands of independent volunteers from all over the world who have visited Greece in the last months. And now, we stand together to say:
“Europe, don’t look away”.

An independent volunteer.


Haven’t we all thought building walls was wrong?
Haven’t we all criticized other countries, denying basic human rights, for being uncivilized, undemocratic and intolerant?
Haven’t we once already said, “The boat is full?”
And wasn’t our reply: “never again”?

It’s hard to grasp how such obvious hypocrisy can be overlooked. Over the course of the last seventy years, the western world has been in outrage numerous times. The exposed violence committed against millions of people during the 2nd world war, the cold war, the Vietnam war, the golf wars and many more events in recent history, caused a wave of anger and revulsion and raised the question: How could so many stand by silently, passively and watch a catastrophe unfold?

When considering these topics, positive focus is often the stories of resistance and the individuals who risked their lives to give sanctuary to people fleeing war. Whether in school, in university, or amongst friends, we’ve always praised the courage and compassion of those braving the brutality of an inhumane and unjust regime.

Haven’t we all wanted to recognize ourselves in those few rebels who did not conform?

Did we not think we would have acted differently from the mainstream, staying true to our ideals of justice and equality?

Are we not facing a strikingly similar situation of oppression today? The borders are closed; those fleeing war and abuse are locked out. Unwanted and seen as a burden, people are once again being shunned into overcrowded camps where death is a reality.

There is a familiarity to how the Police violence against those who cross Borders in desperation, trying to find safety, has surmounted to torture. There’s likeness of today’s heavily militarized and razor-wired borders to the walls and fences of history.

Governmental institutions are seeking to incriminate those who show support and compassion to minorities in need; fear mongering and propaganda through the media is once again being used as a tactic to perpetuate xenophobia and racist structures within Europe.

Isn’t history repeating itself?

Where is the promised indignation? The uproar remains absent. Once again people are content to shut their eyes, shun responsibility and do nothing.

Why in hindsight do people constantly claim: “We should have done more?”
Let’s not repeat the same mistakes over and over. Drawing parallels to history, it’s quite clear who we should support and who we should fight.

Every individual is responsible for the current situation. It’s time to pick a side, as remaining passive, or turning our backs in these times of injustice, is to automatically choose the side of oppression.
Let us live up to those childhood dreams, to take up the mantle of courage and integrity in the face of turmoil, to finally act, fulfilling our promise to stand together and shout: “never again!